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Sustainability Management that Sunny Health Considers

Sustainability Management that Sunny Health aims for


At Sunny Health, we aim to be a company that contributes to people's health and beauty. With this basic concept, we promote businesses that create a new future for the company.

Based on this concept, Sunny Health also pursues sustainable management and makes contributions to society and the environment an important goal.

In addition to continuing to develop and provide products that can be used with peace of mind and deepening bonds of trust, we strive to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society through our own business growth in all processes along the value chain.

Today, the world is facing a wide range of environmental and social issues, such as water shortages and biodiversity issues associated with climate change, environmental pollution from waste, poverty, and human rights violations.

With the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)* in 2015, companies are expected to take proactive steps toward the realization of a sustainable society. , we will face global issues more seriously than ever before and continue to take on the challenge of realizing a sustainable society.

“SDGs” = Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the United Nations in September 2015 that should be addressed by the entire world by 2030"

Important Sustainability Themes for Sunny Health

In order to consider priority areas for future activities, we conducted a task analysis for our company and stakeholders. To do this, we utilized the SDGs and refered to reports from the World Economic Forum (WEF), etc. with the cooperation of external experts who have specialized knowledge.

We identified and chose three high-priority goals from the entire SDGs 17 goals. : 3. Good health and well-being, 7. Affordable and Clean Energy, and 12. Responsible Consumption and Production.






In particular, we will give top priority to the sustainability of health and welfare, which is important to our business activities, as a corporate group whose corporate message is to support people's health.
In addition to contributing to the natural environment, Sunny Health has a mission to contribute to the creation of lifestyle culture through the provision of products and services.

We believe that providing high-quality products and services, as well as promoting innovation and constantly creating new value, to provide people with a rich and fulfilling life is the foundation of society.


Initiatives for Sustainability

related SDGs



To achieve and contriute to the SDGs's goal of "7. Affordable and Clean Energy" , Sunny Health operates more than 50 solar power plants in Japan, including the Sunny Solar Fukushima Central Power Plant, which generates 26,229 kW, which is one of the largest in Japan. In this way, we are promoting the use of renewable energy and contributing to the supply of clean energy.

Towards the goal of "3. Good Health and Well-being," Sunny Health contributes to the health and welfare of our customers through business activities such as sales of health foods such as micro diets. In addition, by promoting innovation for value creation, we support a rich and fulfilling life that matches the life stage of our customers.



Under the theme of "12. Responsible Consumption amd Production", SunnyHealth works with business partners in the supply chain to identify social and environmental issues related to raw materials for products, and realizes sustainability. Through these efforts, we are promoting the effective use of resources by reducing the burden on the environment, reducing waste, and promoting recycling.



By linking these 3 important themes with specific initiatives, Sunny Health has achieved sustainable management and continues to contribute to society and the environment. Sunny Health not only contributes to people's health and beauty, but also plays a role as a leading company in realizing a sustainable future.

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